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My days are spent chasing the light, photographing lovelies and snuggling my boys. I love watching the way the sun bathes the world in a gorgeous glow with the very first and last light of the day... though I see the last light of day much more often than I see the first.  Mornings are NOT my friend!!  I'm a voracious reader, I love to travel and I wish I could listen to Christmas music year-round.

I am extremely emotional.  I pour my heart into everything; my family, my work, my friends.  I've never managed to keep things at a distance.  From the minute to the momentous, I can't help but feel everything deep within my soul.  Fair warning, this could lead to me crying at your wedding, even if we just met.  :)

My primary focus is children.  I love to capture the preparations for their arrival (Maternity), the gorgeous details of their brand-new features (Newborn) and their budding personalities as they change and grow (Children and Family).  In order to give my portrait clients enough attention, I take on a VERY limited number of couples each year (Engagements and Weddings).

I'm a member of PPA, NAPCP and I volunteer with Red Thread Sessions.

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About Chelsea

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