Mr. and Mrs. Foss (Baker City Wedding Photographer)

I’ve had the images ready for this post for a while, but it seems that the words are escaping me.  I can’t figure out how to encapsulate all the emotion of this wedding into a few succinct sentences.  I suppose the best place to begin, is at the beginning.

Jaclyn (the beautiful bride) and I have known each other since we were very small.  Though she is from Portland, her dad is from Baker and as family friends, we saw each other a number of times each year growing up.  I am so happy to see her and Scott married.  They compliment each other so well; and the more I get to know Scott, the more I realize how wonderful he is for her.

Putting together this wedding, Jackie overlooked no detail.  This, of course, brought out my emotional side and I cried throughout the entire wedding.  Starting with, her grandparents’ wedding album.  
Though Al and Florine passed away a few years ago, their presence was felt through their wedding album at the gift table and through Jackie’s use of their cake topper atop her wedding cake.   And since I’m tearing up right this very minute, the rest of the photos will go without commentary.  Take my word for it, when I tell you that every single detail of this wedding was carefully chosen and played a sentimental role for the two of them.  Jackie and Scott, I am beyond happy for you and I count myself very lucky to have been a part of this gorgeous wedding.

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