The Klassen Wedding!! (Baker City Wedding Photographer)

First of all, welcome home Jessica and Charley.  I hope your honeymoon was fantastic!  It’s been killing me not to share these and I’m thrilled to finally get them up!  Those who saw the previews from Jessica and Charley’s engagement session might remember me saying how much of a trooper Jessica was… that hasn’t changed.  This girl was game for anything: climbing train cars, trudging through fields, crawling on top of cars, whatever.  AND, she did it all in 5 inch heels.  But, it was worth it because we got some amazing shots.  To avoid making this the longest blog post in the history of the world, I’m posting a couple of my absolute favorites here and putting the rest in a slide show at the end of the post. Jessica and Charley, thank you again for allowing my to be part of your special day.  Everything was beautiful and I wish you a wonderful life together!

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