My little stinker!

Sawyer and I have spent the week hanging out, playing outside and potty training.  It’s going really well so far, and he’s so stinking excited!! I realize I’m a bit biased, but he’s really adorable right now! For those of you who don’t speak fluent “train,” this is the noise that immediately precedes trains crashing.My favorite part about the telescope on the new swingset is that when he looks through it, he says “cheese!”And if you’re also wondering, “what’s in his eye?” the answer is:  nothing.  Apparently now when he sees me with my camera he has to close one eye as he says “cheese!”  Mind you, I ask for neither the wink nor the “cheese,” but this is what I get.  At least he’s cute, right?!I love this boy, can you tell?  Wish us luck on our potty-training adventure!!!

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