Keeping up with the Joneses… and the birthday suit!!

Soo, my blogging skills have been next-to-nonexistent up to this point.  I started once about a year ago, and let it become so drastically out of date that I eventually gave up and deleted the entire thing.  I’m starting fresh here, with two of the most dynamic kids in town.

Skylar and Alyssa were a blast – and I knew it was going to be a great session before they even showed up.  When Skylar’s mom called me to schedule the shoot, she said that the kids would be dressed up for the session.  When I asked how dressed up, she told me that Skylar had what he was referring to as his “birthday suit.”  She said all he wanted for his birthday was a suit.  A real suit.  So he would be wearing the suit and Alyssa would be in a cute dress.  The fact that Skylar wanted a “real suit” for his birthday made me smile, because one of my brothers was just like this when he was younger.  For years, all we wanted was a tie.  A real tie.  In fact; when I got married, he asked my parents if they could just buy his tuxedo instead of renting it so he could wear it whenever he wanted.  Skylar’s request for a suit definitely struck a chord with me, and boy, he rocked that thing!  By the end of the session, my cheeks were aching from grinning at his cool-guy routine.

Alyssa wasn’t nearly as focused on her outfits and keeping a posed face on… which was great with me!  We alternated between little giggles and huge laughs the entire time.  Between her grin and those gorgeous green eyes, I couldn’t stop pressing the shutter!  So, without further ado, here are a couple of my favorites!

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